A new job, a completely evolved office. With the new job, I needed to change the office around. The requirements were completely different from hardware to space. At the beginning I was intending to keep my trusty iMac and simply have personal on one side, work on the other. This soon became annoying and uncomfortable.


A lot of the hiking and camping gear I have comes from the United States, one of the most common questions I am asked is about Import Duty? Although Duty and VAT charges for imported goods are well documented, it's quite a confusing subject. Any parcel assessed as being liable for Customs charges will also

TGOC 2019

TGOC 2019..So.... I got a place, Massive 🙂  For anyone asking what TGOC stands for.. The Great Outdoors Challenge, 2019 being the 40th anniversary. The challenge is to walk across Scotland, coast to coast in 14 days or under.  More Details can be found HERE - The Great Outdoors Challenge A good friend Jason and


Well hello, its a long time since I started a blog so bear with me 😛 I'm Dave, a keen hiker and photographer and currently live in Devon, United Kingdom. With Dartmoor and the Jurassic Coast on my doorstep I am very luck and spoiled for places t hike, subjects to photograph and space to get