As I am sure many people have, I have felt the strain mentally over the last twelve or so months. Not only due to covid but, being made redundant, starting a business and then a new job.

Keeping a diary was one way to help myself offload stress and anxiety and I found the best way for me to do this was with pen and paper instead of typing away as I am now.

I used to keep a diary for prompts and to look back on by that stopped some twenty years ago and I initially found it hard to start again.

After a while I felt happy writing at home but was missing the ability to capture thoughts when out exercising, walking the dogs or just clearing my head. I could have simply used my phone but this was one of the main things I was trying to avoid. I spend a lot of my day sat in front of computer or on a mobile device and I wanted to reduce or remove this as much as possible in my free time.

For my daily exercise I am generally out with our dogs, I will introduce them in another post, I nearly always have my camera with me. Whilst they are running around, I wanted something accessible to capture my thoughts.

This is when on Instagram I noticed Thrunotes. It sounded like the ideal solution for me. A small, durable notebook that’s also waterproof sounded great for the outdoors and my immediate needs. I have used other outdoor/waterproof notebook in the past and I can honestly say these are better, in size, feel and finish.

The books come in a few colour options with various paper layouts from lined, blank and dots and really are the ideal size for a carry anywhere notebook. I also love that they are a UK product designed and produced by a hiker.

I personally find them very easy to write in. I am right handed and the pages feel soft and the pen and my hand glides nicely. I have been using a normal biro but pencils work great too.

The red note book stays with my camera bag, I have depth of field calculations, location data and other useful information written inside, again removing the need to pickup my phone when I am outside trying to detach and destress.

Having dogs that love to come and shake right next to you after jumping in a puddle, the notebooks being waterproof has been welcome. You can either just wipe them off or run them under the tap when you get home. They are also very durable, our puppy decided to have a chew one my red notebook and it survived unscathed 🙂

I know that I will be carrying one with me in my pack when we are allowed out on the hills again and would recommend anyone looking to detach from your phone, keep a outdoor diary or simply have something to jot down thoughts and ideas on whilst out and about to take a look and grab one.

*I have no affiliation with Thrunotes and I bought all the notebooks with my own money.

  1. I have considered buying one for uh while. As I have seen only uh dfew review. Whats da weight on em n would day fit in my atom strap pocket?

    1. Hi Phil, mine average at 26g. I m not sure if they would fit in a strap pocket but they do fit inside an MLD/Tread Lite hip belt pocket.
      ATB, Dave

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