Relocation – Something a little Different

As I have mentioned here and on Youtube, my partner and I bought a house in Scotland two years ago and I have been trying to relocate but I had been unable to find work.

Well I have now completed the move and work form home 90% of the time.

I have always done a little work from home but up until now, we had always rented so I was unable to setup a dedicated home office.

Working in a room for 12+ hours a day, I wanted a functional but comfortable space and I think I have succeeded.

The small spare room in the house was an idea space but as you can see from the ‘before’ pictures the room was far from functional or comfortable.

Before 1
Before 2

I had taken an old desk up with me but once I had set everything up it was not big enough. I did a lot of searching and eventually found an end of line desk as pictured above and below. A 70x140cm it was both deep and wide enough for my needs and has a metal frame with solid wood and veneer sections.

Even once I had swapped out the desk, I was still struggling for space with the bed still in the room, cables, paperwork and other bits all over the place.

Creating the space I wanted…..

The bed was gifted to a family member, it was all but new and we didn’t want to simply bin it.

I have always liked grey colour schemes and settled on two colours from Wickes and I set about taking the dated boarder freeze off the wall and smoothing out the walls and completed the cutting in and mist coat.

There were thee freezes, one on top of the other and a real pain to remove.

Two days later and the painting was complete and I set about setting out the layout.

The carpet is not the best colour but nearly new and plenty of life left.

Once I was happy with the desk location I built up a bookcase and TV unit I had ordered from Ikea and set everything up.

I added some LED strips which I think have worked really well. They are USB powered and run from the computers, are low power and not too bright to be annoying.
The Star Wars pictures are sold separately for around £40 framed. Or….. you can buy the 2020 calendar and cut them out like I did and find your own frames. Three pictures, three frames, all for less then £50.
I originally wanted the fully enclosed Besta unit but it was not available. Now I have this TV unit I am pleased it was not available as it provides accessible storage for my work laptop, external storage, Windows PC and a charging spot for my MacBook. Behind the doors is plenty of space for cook kits and camping food as well as my tools.
I have to use Windows for work but my personal preference is Mac OS or Linux. I use my iMac as my main workstation and Remote Desktop in to the system I need to use for work. this enables a cleaner desk, better cable management and it works very well.
I have had these pictures for years now but never had anywhere to put them up. They work well in the office and help break up the unintentional Star Wars theme.
The Kallax bookcase is simple but very effective, providing plenty of storage for books I am reading or recently read and space for trinkets and nick naks.

So.. that’s my office, something a little different from normal but I’ve very pleased with how its all come together.

My last task will be to install additional sockets into the wall/ring to get rid of the extension leads in use and tidy up the network cabling I have installed giving my future proof 10 gigabyte cabling. Due to the cost of 10GB switches at the minute, I am using a Netgear 1 gigabyte switch.

I chose to hardwire networking as we have Virgin and although the connection averaged 350/35mbps, the wireless is shocking and IMO unusable for anything more than a bit of web browsing.

  1. I have Virgin Hub 3.0, but I never used it’s Wifi. I had a Linksys before, but when moving to current house which is made of brick with thick walls, even the Linksys didn’t work. I didn’t want to run cables throughout the house, so I got Amplifi HD mesh router which gives me a great coverage throughout the house with 1 router and 2 meshpoints.

    1. Thanks Joe, I may take a look but I have the cable and run most of it now. I just need to add the junction box’s and then hide the cables away as I hate seeing cables 🙂 ATB, Dave

  2. Very cool. I need sort my office out and love the setup you have created here!!
    Great pallet and love the Star War theme

    1. Hah thanks James, I have added more LED’s to create more of a Sith feel 😉

  3. Dope! man found you off YT and was thinking what do you do to get so much hill time

    1. Hah thanks Steve, thanks for subbing on Youtube, I just got your notification. ATB, Dave

    2. Hah hah don’t know about Dope but I like it 🙂 Thanks

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