A new job, a completely evolved office.

With the new job, I needed to change the office around. The requirements were completely different from hardware to space.

At the beginning I was intending to keep my trusty iMac and simply have personal on one side, work on the other. This soon became annoying and uncomfortable.

I started to look for a larger desk and for a way I could sit centrally whilst maintaining separate systems for work and personal life. I soon found that with more and more people working from home, desks were either not available or cost the earth. I also realised that none of the desks within my budget were big enough for what I eventually wanted to achieve.

I set about looking for kitchen tops and desk legs and ended up ordering a 2000x630mm Oak top with some semi custom iron legs along with some wax similar to what I used on my last desk project back in Devon.

After the desk was built as mentioned above, it was dysfunctional and felt uncomfortable. The lack of storage was also an issue.

I ended up selling my iMac, buying a Mac mini, two sets of cheap but pretty amazing £20 Ikea file draws, a monitor arm and a few other bits to create the workspace I have now been using for several months and enjoy.

The cost of the desk including the new draws was just over £200 and took less than a couple of hours to make and a few coats of wax.

Its both functional, comfortable with good all day lighting, good storage and enables a multi system setup to work seamlessly.

Throwback to my old home office down in Devon and the desk I rescued from being binned whilst working for Exeter Airport, more than a few moons ago.

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