Pendland Hills – Between Lockdown(s)

Not a wild camp but a thoroughly enjoyable day. Headed out with a mate to the Pentland Hills for a day hike.

The scenery is stunning and the views are pretty amazing for the height. The was hardly any littler about, quite a few people but everyone being sensible as well as polite.I would recommend the area to anyone.

Its 40-45 minutes drive form my door and literally just on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

We headed out from Redfood Wood towards East and West Kip via Hare Hill.

We had a little lunch on the way down from East Kip before heading onwards to South Black Hill, the views were amazing all round.

The ground was a little boggy but I am well used to walking on bog 🙂

Next up was Scald Law, I understand this is the highest point in the Pentlands.

The route back took us on a track between Scald Law and Crooked Rig towards the Howe and a lovely waterfall where we stopped and picked up some water before heading back to the car through a lovely valley and then small wooded area.

It is a stunning place and practically on the doorstep. When able, I hope to go back and spend lots of time there exploring.

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