Lakes – First Time

It had been a long time coming and finally dates aligned lockdown had lifted allowing outdoor meetings and activity.

I have been talking to Peter Dixon for quite some time, he’s is very experienced and knows the Lakes exceptionally well. We had tried to meet up a few times in the past but never managed.

The plan was to meet at a layby just off the M6 and head out for a couple of days and overnight on Branstree where we would meet up with another mate for an evening of conversation and enjoying the view.

This trip showed me how unfit I really was and when I got home, I ordered an exercise bike and have been using it twice daily since. Whether its helped I do not know and only the next hill will tell 🙂

In total we completed 3 Wainwrights, 7 Birketts and a few others hills. The weather and scenery was unbelievable.

Whatshaw common East top 1588ft    synge

Whatshaw common 1608 ft   Trump,Outlying fell,Birkett

Little Yarlside 1699 ft  Outlying fell,Birkett

Great Yarlside 1939ft Outlying fell,Birkett

Harrop pike 2090ft  Nutall, Birkett

Grey crag 2565 ft Hewitt,Nuttal,Wainwright,Birkett

Tarn crag 2178 ft Marliyn,Hewitt,nutall,Wainwright,Birkett

Branstree 2339 ft  Hump,Hewitt,Nuttal,Wainwright,Birkett

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