Snow. :)

Wildcamping on Dartmoor in the Snow

I love snow, watching it, walking in it and in fairness, I don’t mind driving in it either, although you have to even more mindful of the mad fool trying to complete a record-breaking A to B.

I’ve only managed two ‘snow’ walked and camps this season and I thought I would share a few pictures from them.

All pictures were taken on my Huawei P20 Pro in 10MP mode with minimal editing.

22nd Jan 2019

A catchup and quick circular with a friend. Because I’d not seen Tom since mid-summer and it was great to catch up and enjoy a walk and camp. More snow would have been welcome…

A little snow hanging around..
Just after we pitched, there was a light dusting of snow when we arrived.
Tom’s HexPeak V4 and my Trailstar
Standing Stone at Great Links Tor just after sunrise.
Snowy Light
Altra Lone Peak 3.5, worked well and fairly good grip in snow/ice.

29th Jan 2019

Jay and I headed out on the hunt for snow 🙂

This was to be Jay’s first snow camp. Setting off from Belstone we walked the long way around to West Mill Tor to avoid military activity. Although there was no live firing programmed for the ranges, the military is still very active and can conduct blank firing exercises.

Enjoying the view.
We pitched just below West Mill Tor, there was a nice flat area for us both. As we started to pitch the snow came down fairly heavy for about 30 minutes.
I slept fairly well, waking up now and then for a coffee and call of nature. We woke to an amazing snowscape with a truly stunning sunrise.
Yes Tor

People often say I am mad using the Trailstar with no door in the snow, I always reply why…. careful pitch direction and pitch choice has meant I have only ever had to change the door direction twice in nearly 60 nights under this fantastic shelter.

Packed up and away we go
A quick vid on Youtube of the second walk/camp.
  1. Are you mad? Camping in the wild is one thing but camping in snow or when you know it’s going to snow is madness and not safe!

    1. Hi Janice,

      I can assure you that Jay and I were both very safe. We have the correct gear and experience to walk and camp in those conditions and winter camping is something enjoyed by many across the world.

      People wishing to camp in the snow/winter should employ common sense before setting off and if they don’t have the right gear or experience they should think twice.

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